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Water Resistant or Waterproof?

There are so many activity trackers out on the market that claim to be “waterproof” and others that say they are water resistant. So is there a difference? ‘Is it waterproof?’ It’s a bit of a conundrum as some trackers actually allow you to track your swimming action, where as others will put up with a few splashes of water, its important to know the difference.

You need to be careful that you have read the instructions before jumping straight in to a swimming pool with your new tracker. Make sure that it is fully workable in certain depths as many aren’t. The problem is many companies don’t make it clear so if that is the case, don’t risk it. In basic terms if it is “water resistant” it is generally regarded as the lowest level of protection and essentially means that something is designed to make it difficult for water to get in to the tracker and damage it.

Waterproof should mean that something is completely impervious to water. However please check all the information before you dive in and purchase your water “proof” tracker!

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